Artist Statement


My work is about wanting to get close to something and dive into the dark and lighten the unwanted, volatile. Through various methods of abstraction I attempt to prevent the immediate recognition of the materials, yet invite the viewer to closely explore the work. I try to stimulate the viewers imagination, and I treat the hidden, which one can not fully explain or define.


The motives are usually based on fragments referring to animal and human bodies, but these are often abstracted during the process. In my tridimensional work I use real and apparent hair, skin and fluids. Contrast are prominent in my work, and fragile elements are put along side solid and defined against vague.I use photography as a direct part of the works, or as an indirect tool, as a way to study form and perception. 


The process is experimental, coincidences that occur are developed instead of being ignored or eliminated. Throughout my art practice, you can see an interest in the process of material or bodily change. How everything can be broken down into its smallest components and change shape interest me. Change, in this context, is closely related to deprivation, and existential questions like creation and death.