Fatland, 2014

Size: 70 x 110 cm

C-print on aluminum

Fatland is a a photograph, inspired by the duality of the beautiful and the grotesque in relation to the body, and explores our impermanence as beings that are vulnerable to the laws of nature. The site of the photograph is a non-consumption hall at a slaughterhouse, where all the waste material and carcasses of the animals are discarded. I searched for subtile beauty in this 'unpure' environment; a place that, for many, primarily represents death and brutality. The image is not staged - it is a snapshot of reality. I see it as metaphor for the dilemma of our modern existence and as starting a dialogue between aspects of attraction and repulsion. It is part of an ongoing project.

Installation view 

New Now Europe's emerging artist, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, 2015